Using the Rainbow in colour on a modern display

In my post about Windows 1.0 on the Rainbow, I mentioned I would like to eventually make up a better video cable that could be used to connect it to a colour display. Well now I have finally succeeded in getting the Rainbow to output to my PC monitor!
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Dumping advfs file systems to a file on disk in Digital/Tru64 UNIX

In preparation for migrating my Digital UNIX environment to a larger HDD on my Personal Workstation, I needed to backup a couple of file systems containing install kits I would want to use again on the new install. Rather than backup to an old DDS tape like I had done previously, I took the route of writing the backup set to a file on the hard disk and transferring it to my PC over FTP. Read More

Windows 1.0 on the Rainbow

At the beginning of March, I finally got round to trying to run Windows 1.0 on my Rainbow. I discovered that a different set of Windows 1.0 floppies were uploaded online in May 2017 and that these appeared to be a fully working version. I couldn’t find any publicly documented cases of anyone getting this copy working yet so this may be the first time that evidence has been posted that a working copy exists and has proper functional mouse support. (If anyone else has indeed had this working I’d be interested in hearing about it!) Read More

Replacing the Rainbow’s RD51 Hard Disk

As you may have noticed in my last blog post, the RD51 in my Rainbow 100 didn’t sound too healthy. I had seen an MFM Emulator in action before and knew that this would probably be my best option for a long term replacement hard disk. As mentioned in the last post, I used one of David Guesswein’s emulator boards. Read More

Restoring a DEC Rainbow 100B

Back in November I acquired a DEC Rainbow 100B with a VR201 monitor, LK201 Keyboard, LA50 Printer, RD51 HDD and the vertical stand. Unfortunately the VR201 was covered in cataracts and was leaking red liquid (presumably from bad capacitors).  Read More