Altair 8800b Turnkey Part 2 – Software and the FDC+

Finally I’m returning to the Altair 8800b Turnkey that I restored! The main problems I had to solve with the machine after my initial work with the capacitors and power supply were how to load software, and what… Read More

Replacing the Rainbow’s RD51 Hard Disk

As you may have noticed in my last blog post, the RD51 in my Rainbow 100 didn’t sound too healthy. I had seen an MFM Emulator in action before and knew that this would probably be my best… Read More

Restoring a DEC Rainbow 100B

Back in November I acquired a DEC Rainbow 100B with a VR201 monitor, LK201 Keyboard, LA50 Printer, RD51 HDD and the vertical stand. Unfortunately the VR201 was covered in cataracts and was leaking red liquid (presumably from bad… Read More