AXP64 Windows

Something interesting about Windows on the Alpha is that it was always a 32bit OS in the public releases, despite the Alpha being a fully fledged 64bit chip. On the 23rd of August 1999, Compaq announced they were… Read More

VMS and NT upgrades on the Jensen

Over the last few days, I’ve had my DECpc AXP 150 or Jensen as it is commonly known out. This was mainly to upgrade the versions of VMS and NT I had running on it. Unfortunately some things… Read More

Cambridge Z88 RAM and ROM upgrade

I got my Cambridge Z88 from eBay in July 2020. I never had a serial cable for it or any extra software, so it didn’t see a great deal of use. I had planned to investigate what I… Read More

Apple Newton MessagePad MP110 restoration

I won my Apple Newton MessagePad MP110 on eBay towards the end of June 2018. I don’t remember much from the description other than it was listed as working when connected to the mains. When I received it,… Read More

Finally, a new post!

I’ve decided it’s finally time I do a bit more with this blog/website. I have been working on a ridiculous amount of projects recently and have decided that for my own benefit and for anyone interested, that I… Read More