Finally, a new post!

I’ve decided it’s finally time I do a bit more with this blog/website. I have been working on a ridiculous amount of projects recently and have decided that for my own benefit and for anyone interested, that I should document as much about what I’ve done/been doing as possible. Earlier today I updated the DECpc AXP 150 (JENSEN) page as I now have a very well specced functional machine and also added some new machines to the relevant lists.

Here is a list of topics that will hopefully be covered here on the blog shortly:

I’m hoping listing them here will provide me with a reminder and motivation to actually write the posts!

  • Macintosh Centris 610 recapping and upgrades in order to run A/UX
  • BBC Micro/Acorn machines and Acorn Econet networking (PiEconetBridge)
  • Using a modern Teletext service (involving BBC Micro Teletext “cheesewedge” adapter)
  • DEC Alpha (OpenVMS and Windows Whistler AXP64 build)
  • Cambridge Z88 RAM and ROM upgrade
  • ZX Spectrum 128 Toastrack MIDI experiments and vDrive ZX images
  • Apple Newton MessagePad MP110 restoration
  • A look at the Altair FDC+ and software I had running on the Altair 8800b Turnkey computer (finally the promised part 2!)
  • A general look at many of the machines in the collection while I reacquaint myself with their setups and update/add pages for them on the site
  • A few other things I won’t mention just yet as don’t want to over promise since they haven’t been started yet 😉

Stay tuned…

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