BBC Master 128

I got this machine from the Acorn and BBC Micro Enthusiasts Wanted and For Sale group on Facebook in April 2019. Since the above photo was taken, I’ve given the unit a good clean. It has an Internal 65C102 co-processor and the AIV SCSI board for use as part of the Domesday system.

Since getting the machine I have also done some repairs to the AIV SCSI board due to the pack of AA batteries for the clock leaking over it before I acquired the machine, and fitted both an Econet expansion and RetroClinic MultiOS.

I don’t have any of the other Domesday bits but I’m hoping I can get some kind of version of it running eventually using any other original bits I can find combined with some of the newly developed open source hardware from the Domesday86 project. I already have a Smallymouse 2 and BeebSCSI board which came from the project.