DEC Rainbow 100

I was kindly given this machine in November 2017. It hadn’t been used in a long time and had been stored in a loft so took a little bit of restoration before I had it going. You can read more about what I did to get the machine running and how I replaced the hard disk on my blog.

The machine is a Rainbow 100B with a memory expansion bringing the total memory up to 720KB, a hard disk controller, the graphics option and of course the RX50 floppy controller. It contained a DEC RD51 10MB MFM hard disk but I replaced this with an MFM hard disk emulator which is also detailed on the blog.

I have the machine running DOS 3.10B with Windows 1.04 for the Rainbow as well as CP/M 2.1. On alternate hard disk images, I have also worked out how to correctly configure and install both Concurrent CP/M and Venix/Rainbow. Look out for blog posts containing more details soon!