DECstation 5000/120

I got this machine in January 2020. It came with a small (~200mb) hard disk and no drive in the 5.25″ bay. When it arrived, I added the original RRD42 from my MicroVAX 3100-90 to fill the gap and fitted a 2GB Seagate 50pin SCSI drive I had spare (originally came from my HP 712/100) in place of the original HDD. Sadly the RRD42 seems to have stopped ejecting the CD caddies without manual intervention, so the machine now has a TLZ06 tape drive fitted instead which I intend to use for backups. It is set up to run ULTRIX 4.5 and I have modified the original Dallas clock chip to take a CR2032 battery so the NVRAM and real time clock function correctly again. I also managed to install the Y2K patches available for RISC/MIPS builds of ULTRIX. I did not have the breakout cable for connecting a keyboard and mouse to the machine, so I made my own using some multicore wire and standard connectors. This allows me to connect the same mouse from my VAXstation 4000 VLC and an LK201/LK401 keyboard.